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Dr. Judy Jaunzems-Fernuk lives and works on Treaty Six Territory, the traditional territories of the Neyinowak Inniwak (Cree) and Metis peoples. Judy has been an educator and mental health practitioner in Saskatchewan, Canada for over 20 years, with teaching experiences from pre-K to University. Her private practice also supports school divisions and community organizations through the development of The Human Curriculum. The Human Curriculum is a living curriculum that supports foundations in human informed care: including, trauma informed, mental health supports, stress & brain physiology, and more. She is currently a lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan, College of Education, where she completes research and teaching in human informed practice. Her published work can be found in conference papers and a book on innovations in higher learning. Her current research is designed to look at the health and relationships of students and teachers in online learning environments and her research in mental health and education (including teacher wellness & burnout, and youth at risk) has informed the development of the Human Curriculum, which supports all those in care-giving professions.  Judy is passionate about supporting educators and care-givers (including parents) to build capacity for strong relationships, resilience, resourcefulness, and routines that ultimately aim to develop skills and strategies for wellbeing in five key M areas: The development of meaning and a growth oriented mindset; mental health knowledge; mentorship and management skills. Judy feels it is through personal development with a focus on those 5M areas that can lay the foundation for a healthy and well life. Last but not least, Judy is a mom to three amazing boys who inspire and continue to inform her Human Curriculum daily! 

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About Our Owner / Director

Dr. Judy (PhD) is a Certified Teacher, registered with the Saskatchewan Professional Teacher's Regulatory Board, and a Registered Counselling Therapist and Master Therapeutic Counsellor, registered with the Association of Cooperating Counselling Therapists of Canada. Also holding a Master's degree in Education with a specialization in Educational Psychology and Special Education, Judy continues to pursue all teaching and learning opportunities through continuing education credits and certifications annually. Most importantly, Judy has been an educator in Saskatoon for over 20 years, with experiences ranging from Pre-Kindergarten to University Lecturer; and Judy is a mother of three boys, ranging in ages from their teens to 25 years.  Judy holds many certificates, registrations, and attains on-going credit hours also as a professional member of the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association also. As part of her practice in the private and public sector of mental health and education, she receives several hundred hours of supervision and consult support annually.  If you decide to book consulting, presenting, or coaching sessions with Judy you will receive her dedication to people, and decades of experience, both personally and professionally, to support you in the areas of education and mental health that mean the most to you or your organization. 

Judy's areas of interests and specialties include: behavioural and management supports (CALM classroom management), parenting and family supports, conflict resolution and courageous conversation strategies, emotion regulation and management of anxiety, grief and loss, anger, relationship support, separation and divorce, personal growth and wellness, positive mindset, and more. 

Judy's passions include mental health and overall wellness; education and pursuit of lifelong learning; nutrition and exercise; research, reading, and writing; and spending time outdoors with family, friends, and a camera!

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With professional training in multiple disciplines: education, psychology, and mental health / stress physiology, and wellness, Judy offers a multidisciplinary approach to education around well-being and stress management; including conflict management and behaviour supports. The HUMAN CURRICULUM™ is a living curriculum that is tailored to the needs of any group and different versions support those from pre-K to University. Judy believes that all humans benefit from CARE and CALM approaches that honour trauma informed practice relevant to all, so they may thrive in work, school, and life. The curriculum specializes in melding the latest research with best practices for neuro-diversity, cultural diversity, and community diversity, thus supporting parents, teachers, and leaders with practical tolls to build relationship and connection as they lead and learn. The foundations of the curriculum include capacity building in FOUR R Areas: Resilience, Relationships, Resources, and Routines; in addition to skill building and practices in FIVE M Areas: Meaning, Mindset, Mental Health, Mentorship, and Management.




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