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More About Us!

Prairie Sky is committed to providing supports and services to meet your personal or professional needs. The Human Curriculum combines decades of research and practice with a refined approach to holistic heath through core understandings of stress physiology, the impact and antidote to burnout, and  a multidisciplinary approach to wellness from perspectives that support ALL ages and stages of life. Judy's work is guided by her own on-going research and she continually participates in a number of initiatives to constantly develop her education and mental health supports and services and to contribute to the community. The Human Curriculum can be taught as a whole intensive and interactive course, over several hours and weeks, or in parts, to support information only for groups and organizations seeking to impact student, family, or organizational well-being. Nine components comprise the curriculum as it aims to increase capacity for resilience, relationships, resources, and routines through FIVE M AREAS: Mindset, Meaning, Mental Health, Mentorship, and Management. Self-management, stress management and emotional regulation, in addition to self care practices are foundational to the work.  Judy believes in a philosophy rooted in 'self-care BEFORE care-give!