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Posted 12/25/2018

In the year 2000, I was the provincial coordinator for an organization called Frontier College. We developed, organized, and facilitated some very creative provincial literacy initiatives, some of which still run today! When our Canadian manager would visit, he often told me that one day I would start my own school. I’d always roll my eyes and remind him, I was barely even a certified teacher. When I left that organization after four years (in 2002) Phil, my manager, brought me this book: Doing Your Own School’. In saying goodbye, he reminded me that one day he would be hearing about my famous and fabulous school. 

Fast forward through a dozen years of teaching, with a Master’s degree fully underway, I was reminded of this prophecy when I was asked to create a ‘Dream School’ for a course assignment in 2012. I developed an amazing curriculum, philosophy, and even brochures and books for this endeavour, which was fictitious, but nonetheless, an ‘if I were to win the lottery’ kind of dream. 

Today, among my many pursuits, I run a small business, Prairie Sky Education and this is the place where I put all my educational ideas, dreams, desires, and passions. It is where I house my personally developed CALM Practices®️ workshops and my working philosophy of the Human Curriculum™️, a method of training, professional development, and educational tools, strategies, tips, and trademarks. 

I added to my educational and academic repertoire, the designation of counsellor in 2018. An important endeavour for me to be able to offer a full gamut of in-house services. Because my Human Curriculum™️ is a model that bridges two distinct but related disciplines it was imperative for me to include counselling and psychotherapy as part of my goals for research and a career in education and psychology. These goals have also been simultaneously honed through my enrolment in a cross-departmental PhD program at the University of Saskatchewan, where I am a current PhD candidate bridging the study of educational psychology / special education and curriculum studies. 

Today, I do not 'yet' run my own school, but I am building an education, wellness, and mental health empire. How big it will become remains to be seen. How big it becomes only matters really, in the number of people we are able to support in their own personal or professional wellness endeavours; whether that be individually, in parenting, or in family or other relationships, such as in community, business, workplace, or leadership.
I’ve been asked a lot lately: What are you doing? Where do you find the time? What do you plan to accomplish? And the infamous; When will you ever be done? The answer is, I don’t know and probably NEVER! 

Education for me is a lifelong endeavour and I try to instil and promote that in everything I do and with those whom I meet. So what started for me as a tumultuous journey through grade school ended up ironically becoming my life’s work; and therefore, I guess in a way, as long as I’m living, there will always be work to be done.   

Cheers then to the dreamers, and like me, the lifelong learners, and those who never give up! Dreams really do become reality, just be patient and kind to yourself along the way, as  ~ also like me ~ it may take a few decades.