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Posted 12/25/2018

PS = Prairie Sky & Problem Solving:

Some reasons local businesses contact us are: 
☑️ Employee Stress
☑️ Anxiety at Work 
☑️ Conflict Management 
☑️ Management Concerns 
☑️ Communication Challenges 
☑️ Minimize sick leave / Sick days 
☑️ Setting Boundaries 
☑️ Mental Health Training 
☑️ Support for Parents and Families 

This week we worked with a local business to support increased productivity in the workplace. We targeted communication strategies to improve employee relations and morale.

What would you target to increase effectiveness or productivity in your organization?

As a business owner, when you contact Prairie Sky we plan strategically with the individuals within each unique organization to support not only effective problem solving but to also teach the psychology at the root of our human curriculum™️, a model for success in any environment. Within business, there are ways to think strategically, yet humanistically in order to increase productivity within an organization. Increased productivity is good for business, but more importantly it’s good for the people who work within!
Contact us today if you think your business or community organization could use some help problem solving or restructuring to increase morale and productivity. All it takes is one consult and you might walk away with a tool to support change that you can implement today!

Harmony within the workplace is an asset to your organization! 
PS: We look forward to hearing from you!