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Posted 12/25/2018

If you run a gym, health club, fitness, or wellness centre, this is for you and your valued clients!
By partnering with Prairie Sky Personal and Professional Support Services®, we offer therapeutic consult, support, and a variety of one to one, small or large group workshops, or presentations in house; in a place where clients already feel safe, supported, and welcomed! The content of workshops and other supports can be tailored to specifically reflect your needs and the needs of your clients.
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Have you ever noticed that what you do in support of your clients often feels much like like therapy already? Well, that’s because it is! Therapy for the body AND the mind are imperative for overall health and wellness!
You may even offer added wellness services to your clients beyond the fitness engagement people receive in your gym, already. Diverse wellness services exist through: exercise coaching, nutrition, personal training, chiropractic services, massage therapy, physiotherapy, and more!

I would like to introduce you to what Prairie Sky can offer to work in tandem with the great wellness services you already provide! Many gyms around the globe are branching out into offering counselling and therapeutic support services to help clients with holistic goals and support for overall health and wellbeing while they access physical supports, so why wouldn’t you?

Offering holistic therapeutic services to clients broadens your support network and gives back to your community!
At Prairie Sky we connect with your organization to offer a variety of wellness workshops, presentations, and / or one to one supports. These supports can influence and impact positive life practices to increase growth and change for clients in the area of mental health, well-being, parenting practice, individual needs such as managing stress or difficult emotions. We educate through intervention, prevention, and targeted goal setting, to design workshops, courses, or individual sessions specifically around the needs of your clients!

Here is just a short list of what we can offer in terms of education and tools to support clients in many areas of their life:
- Managing Stress
- Managing Anxiety
- Understanding and Setting Boundaries
- Conflict Management
- Parenting Challenges
- Behaviour Challenges in Children and Youth
- Navigating School and Community Services for Children or Families
- Targeted Personal Goal Setting
- Understanding and Management of Personal and Complex Mental Health Concerns
- Trauma Supports
- Addictions Supports
- And More!
What if your business could offer these services to your clients through us, in private consult, or through groups, presentations, and workshops in your space? 

Contact us today 306-986-2663 for a free consult and to discuss the possibilities for your organization or wellness space!

Education, Consulting, Therapeutic Prevention & Intervention Services:
Individuals, Groups, Parents, Families, Educators, Businesses, and Organizations in Saskatchewan.
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Our Outdoor Office

Did you know we offer Walk and Talk Therapy in addition to other indoor or outdoor services? This unique service offers you an opportunity to spend up to an hour outdoors with your therapist in nature. Your guided walk will include an educated and empathic listener and problem solver should you wish to work out concerns, issues, or mental, physical, or emotional ailments while walking, out of doors. 

Join us on a river trek, along the banks of the South Saskatchewan River, or a stroll along country roads. We have acres of property on site for your private session and this service is offered at a discounted rate until Spring 2019!