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Posted 12/25/2018

Welcome to Prairie Sky: Personal and Professional Support Services.
We have chosen our name and our services with purpose, as we offer a variety of individual and group supports and an array of services to reflect your individual needs. From homes, to classrooms, to workspaces we help you to understand the inherent needs of the people in the environments in which you live and work. With over two decades of experience: parenting, teaching, and researching, within the disciplines of education, psychology, and mental health, we understand that life, can at times, become chaotic. The art of managing people, whether they be our children, students, employees, or clients within these environments, can be tough, and we are not often given the tools to be successful at this. I, myself have been there as a parent (23 years), a teacher (20 years), and an employee in the public and private sector; and from these experiences my passion for understanding the science at the root of what is essentially a, Human Curriculum™, was born.

The Human Curriculum™ forms the root of all ‘Calm’ workshops, presentations, and private consults or supports, and it reflects practices that have been honed and developed through personal struggle and eventual success! The perspective guiding this practice is shared with participants and clients through education; giving you the tools to be your own advocate in personal or professional practice.

A lack of knowledge often exists at the core of turmoil and even trauma and there are simple educational, psychological, and behavioural tools available to help people in a moment of chaos. These tools can change the environment completely and help others to calm. Over time, practice with these tools can change entire environments (homes, classrooms, workspaces) to places where you can predict, troubleshoot, and manage without stress, anxiety, or worry.

One of our main practitioners, Judy Fernuk, M.Ed. (also a PhD Candidate at the University of Saskatchewan) has worked in pre-schools through to University classroom environments to support toddlers through to adults in behaviour and classroom management. She manages daily the challenges of her own home environment, which includes a blended family with three children and a work environment which currently involves supporting youth and their families with mental health and education needs. From case management that involves: mental health, education, behaviour, conflict management, and addictions supports, Judy has shared tools with individuals, organizations, and families to help manage during stressful or chaotic times. Her own personal journey involves managing many similar concerns and her personal stories often form the root of practices, developed through research, to connect with people of all ages, professions, and disciplines.

If you experience chaos in your personal or professional life and wish to affect calmer practice or a calmer environment, we have supports for you. Our services can be group based or private and confidential and they are tailored to your needs and based on your own individual or organizational goals. Our services are available based on a sliding scale and range from free to fee based depending on each individual or organizations need. Contact us today if you think there is an area of your life that could benefit from educational tools or supports to effect positive change in your workspace, classroom, or life.

Yours in education and practice;
Judy and the Prairie Sky Team,
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